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Top 10 Ceramic Coating Myths

Top 10 Ceramic Coating Myths

1) You Will Never Have To Wash Your Car After You Ceramic Coat It
To keep it short - you still have to maintain a Ceramic Coated vehicle as you would any other. The critical difference is that the car will be less dirty from the get-go as the slickness of the coating prevents dirt from sticking as quickly onto the surface of the vehicle. The other thing is how much easier it is to clean whatever managed to stick onto the car off of it.
2) Ceramic Coatings Make Your Car Rock Chip Resistant
Rock chips are usually caused by a vehicle in front of you pocking up a small rock at high speeds and launching it towards your car at high velocity. Of course, all those variables can differ in many ways, and sometimes a Ceramic Coating may help soften the damage because of its hardness rating. Still, realistically, it will not do much. The forces involved in the impact are so high that the rock often goes through all the layers of paint, all the way to the metal plate.
3) Ceramic Coatings Make A Car Resistant To Chemicals
Ceramic Coatings can resist strong chemicals to a certain degree. Still, it will weaken and degrade the more it is exposed to such chemicals. The stronger the chemical, the faster it will eat up the coating.
4) Ceramic Coatings Are Guaranteed To Last Years
The only way to get the most out of a Ceramic Coating is proper maintenance. Technically it can last forever if it is garaged, for example, a showroom car or a valuable vintage model that is not driven at all. But those are not realistic options for a daily driver, which is why you get that 'up to 2-5 years' note on many products. It can last that long, but it can also really last 30 minutes once you attack it with some industrial-grade chemicals and a very abrasive sponge.
5) A Ceramic Coated Car Is Scratch-Proof
Scratch-proof means that it cannot be scratched. That is false. Period. Well, a Ceramic Coated car will typically resist the usual scratches you would get from driving, washing drying the car. Swirl marks are usually a thing of the past once you coat a vehicle with a quality Ceramic Coating product. It will not, for instance, resist keying a car. As long as the toughness and hardness rating of the coating is higher than the toughness/hardness rating of the object affecting the paint, the Ceramic Coating will most likely protect the paint.
6) Ceramic Coatings Have Self-Cleaning Properties
A Ceramic Coated car does not magically clean itself. It will, however, due to the slickness of the coating and its hydrophobic properties make it hard for dirt and grime to stick to the surface of the car. That means that while you drive your car, a large portion of particles that would usually stick to the car would fall off due to wind resistance just by driving the car a bit faster ( e.g. highway speed ).
7) Ceramic Coatings Can Make A Car Fire Proof
No, it cannot. Do not try that on your own car. You will regret it. Do not believe what you see on the internet or whatever a Ceramic Coating products manufacturer might claim regarding one of their products being fireproof.
😎 Washing A Ceramic Coated Car In The Sun Is Ok
Well, this one is a no-no. But you just might even ask whether leaving those water beads on the car after a wash or after rain is ok. That is also a no-no for the same reason. Let us explain why! Almost all water, unless it is distilled, will contain minerals. Once the water dries in the sun and the water evaporates, it will leave all those minerals baked into the paint. These we know as water spots.
9) Ceramic Coating Is Extremely Expensive
It can be, depending on whether it is being done by a professional or you. It depends on the product used. It depends on the part of the world you live in.
10) Ceramic Coatings Offers Better Gloss Than Any Sealant or Wax
In our opinion, a good quality Automotive Wax will give the paint the most substantial shine and gloss out of all the paint protection methods. A Ceramic Coating can also provide a crazy gloss to your car, but in the end, it all depends on the product used. And then, in the future - personal preference.paint correction and ceramic coating
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