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Extreme Pine Sap Build Up on a Beautiful BMW! Buffing is the Answer!

Sap from pine trees on automobile and truck paint is a big problem, especially in our harsh Lowcountry weather.

This summer, you can expect to see pine tree sap on your car in Bluffton or Beaufort.

Why? Because the sticky substance contains a resin which makes it difficult for people who lack professional experience to remove without help from a car, truck, and motorcycle detailing expert.


We see it all of the time, both on commercial and residential buildings as well as our customers vehicles. Sap removal from your cars paint is something that should be done properly or you risk permanent damage to the surface of your vehicle's bodywork.
Please make sure to not take the matter in your own hands and try to remove sap from your vehicle's exterior. This is a job that requires professional level products and experience. The wrong chemicals in the wrong places can cause damage that is beyond repair.


At Summer Breeze Auto Detailing, we have the professional skills and training to provide you with a high-quality car wash that is unlike anything else.

Unlike basic mobile washes or local car, truck, or boat detailers in Beaufort & Bluffton, who may offer similar services, our car & truck detailing services often require more than just elbow grease the other guys have; it truly takes years of knowledge and experience in order to execute on the type & level of service we offer our clients.

When choosing Summer Breeze Auto Detailing for your next car, truck, motorcycle, or boat detail job, rest assured knowing that only skilled individuals will be handling your vehicle.

Bluffton Car Detailing, BMW Vehicle detailing
Bluffton Car Detailing, BMW Vehicle detailing
 Bluffton Car Detailing, BMW Vehicle detailing


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