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Let’s talk drive thru car washes

Let’s talk drive thru car washes

Car polish, buffing, paint correction, ceramic coating Over the last couple weeks I have received multiple cars that are run thru our local car washes. They look clean from a distance but are actually dirty still and oxidation is starting to set in on the paint from lack of good I’ve protection. As a lot of us know the cars that run thru these car washes aren’t the cleanest variety and the brushes that are used to clean with aren’t cleaned properly after every wash. No way the car wash could make money doing that. So you are getting the car in front of you dirt and the car behind you is getting theirs and yours and so on. 

We as detailers only use clean microfibers on all of our clients cars. I wash pads, microfibers, wash mitts, and glass towels weekly to ensure the cleanliness of the towels. We make sure that your not getting the car before yours dirt or grime laid into your paint. 

So if you think it’s a great  idea to run thru the car wash every week because they are cheap and your car looks great after the wash please look into having your paint polished so you can see the difference in what the automatic car wash does and what we do as detailers.

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